Lady Susan Hussey ‘performing official duties’ for Princess Anne after resigning over race row

Lady Susan Hussey is reportedly “performing official duties” again, months after she resigned for making “deeply regrettable” remarks to a Black charity founder.

The late Queen Elizabeth II’s lady-in-waiting and Prince William’s godmother was at the centre of a royal race row last November, after she asked Sistah Space founder Ngozi Fulani where she “really came from”.

Fulani, who is the chief executive of Sistah Space, detailed the encounter in an interview with The Independent at the time.

The charity founder said Lady Hussey moved her dreadlocked hair out of the way of her name badge after Fulani arrived at the event, before asking questions about where she and “her people” were from.

“This is bigger than one individual. It’s institutional racism,” she said..

Soon after the incident, which unfolded at the Queen Consort Camilla’s reception on violence against women, Lady Hussey resigned from her royal duties.

In a subsequent statement, Buckingham Palace said the 83-year-old had apologised to Fulani at a meeting “filled with warmth and understanding”.

Separately, Prince William also issued a statement saying “racism has no place in society”.

On Thursday (23 February), the Daily Mail reported that Lady Hussey represented Princess Anne at Dame Frances Campbell-Preston’s memorial in Chelsea earlier this week – three months since the row.

A family friend of the royals reportedly told the outlet: “Lady Susan was formally asked to represent the Princess Royal at the service.

She was more than happy to do so. Her official position was recorded in the order of service. It’s great to see her back in the royal fold.”

The Independent has contacted palace representatives for comment.