‘My Lady Jane’ Boss Says Royal Fantasy Drama Is ‘The Boys’ Meets ‘Bridgerton’

Prime’s upcoming series “My Lady Jane” may be (very loosely) based on the tragic true story of Lady Jane Grey, but it’s recruited “The Boys” writer and executive producer Meredith Glynn as series showrunner. And, according to the industry vet (also of “Scream: The Series” and “Supernatural” fame), “The Boys” and “Jane” actually share some DNA, despite being set in wildly different times and settings.

“I think that ‘My Lady Jane’ and ‘The Boys’ have a lot in common,” Glynn told TheWrap. “They’re both trying to say something specific about the world that we live in now, but they’re both playing in lots of different tones and lots of different genres.”

“My Lady Jane” is a reimagining of Jane Grey outpacing her historically short 9-day reign as Queen of England after her cousin King Edward suddenly passed and named her heir. She comes to save herself and the kingdom. And while there are no superheroes involved, there is a mystical race of people known as Ethians who can transform into animals at will.

Despite her years in television, Glynn admitted that switching to Tudor-era times with “My Lady Jane” was a huge adjustment. But it helps to imagine the series as a combination of “The Boys” and several other pieces of pop culture.

“Sometimes it’s been said that the show was a little bit ‘The Boys’ meets Chaucer or ‘The Boys’ meets ‘Bridgerton,'” she said with a laugh. “‘The Boys’ is constantly trying to surprise you, and so are we — while also keeping in mind that the show was about something bigger than than just the surprises.”

“My Lady Jane” hits Amazon’s Prime Video on Thursday.

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