LA schools to require vaccines for students 12 and up

"The item passes."

School officials in Los Angeles County ordered vaccines for students 12 and up, in a unanimous vote on Thursday.

LA County is the largest school district in the country to mandate shots, and the orders will apply to more than 600,000 students.

That's despite angry objections from several parents who said they were worried about the safety of vaccines, and that they had the right to make the decision for their children.

Interim Superintendent Megan Reilly spoke after the vote.

"As the second largest (school) district in the country with a richly-diverse student population, we know the impact and experiences with COVID-19 are varied and that there are different levels of comfort and discomfort with the vaccine and other COVID- related safety measures. We recognize this, but along with these truths, our charge remains clear. To provide students with the best education possible, which includes the many benefits of in-person education. The science is clear."

Almost three-fourths of the district's students are Latino.

Board members have noted a distrust in the government among immigrant parents, who had concerns over vaccine safety.

Though they said they would make efforts to convince them otherwise.

Thursday's decision will not affect a minority of students in LA County who have opted to remain home.

Exemptions can also be made for medical or religious reasons.

The board had previously ordered all staff be inoculated.

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