La Palma policeman's home covered in 'volcanic rock'

"This may be one of my last videos, I hope not. This is what my house looks like now. It's covered in about 30 - 40 centimeters of ash, no, not ash - volcanic rock, the volcano is up above, listen to the sound it makes," Lieutenant Nieves said as he showed footage of the volcano eruption taking place behind his house, in the distance.

Spain's La Palma is experiencing more explosive phases but with a slower lava flow on its sixth day of eruption.

Two lava flows remain active.

Marine authorities are keeping a two nautical mile area in the sea closed as a precaution, but, after re-assessing the situation experts said on Wednesday (Wednesday 20) the lava may not end up in the ocean.

More than 200 houses have been destroyed and thousands, like Lieutant Nieves, have had to evacuate their homes.

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