La Palma homes brace for volcano's toxic fumes

Coastal areas of eastern La Palma, the Spanish island being devastated by volcanic eruptions, were locked down on Monday (September 27) as lava got closer to reaching the ocean.

The Canary Islands emergency services have warned that when the lava touches the sea, it will likely cause explosions and send clouds of toxic gases over the island.

People have been asked to remain indoors with their doors and windows closed.

Drone footage shot by Reuters showed a rapid river of red hot lava flowing down the slopes of the crater, passing close to homes.

Since the volcano started erupting on September 19, the flow of black lava has engulfed more over 500 acres swallowing hundreds of houses as well as roads, schools, churches, and banana plantations and forcing thousands to evacuate.

No fatalities or serious injuries have been reported since the volcano's eruption, but about 15% of the island's banana crop could be at risk, jeopardizing thousands of jobs.

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