La Palma clears ash from graves for Day of Dead

“I feel sad because everything that happened, because of the people, the people who lost everything. It is really hard to explain, I feel moved by thinking of others.”

Dozens of Los Llanos de Aridane residents went on Saturday (October 30) to their local cemetery to clean the ash spread by the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which has spewed red-hot lava, smoke and ash since Sep. 19.

With Las Manchas cemetery in La Palma surrounded by lava for weeks, the parishes in the area are organizing a "memory corner" where residents can pay tribute to the dead on All Saints' Day.

Not all of the faithful agreed with the decision, arguing they would pay tribute to their beloved ones at home.

A helicopter on Monday (November 1) will make a wreath at a point in the lava near the Las Manchas cemetery.

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