Kyoko Fukada returns to work

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6 Sep – Nearly three months after announcing that she is taking a break from work to focus on her health, Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada revealed that she is now ready to get back to work.

On 2 September, the actress posted a new photo of her on Instagram, and wrote, "I am sorry that my sudden break caused concern and inconvenience to everyone. Thank you very much for your warm support and encouragement. Thank you very much. I would like to say that through your support and the rest I was given, I was able to recover my mind and body, and I will resume my activities in the future."

Kyoko added that while it will take quite some time for her to be back on her old schedule, she hopes that she will be able to repay fans' kindness through her efforts.

It was back in late May that Kyoko's agency announced that the actress will take a temporary break from work after being diagnosed with adjustment disorder.

Kyoko's new movie, "Lupin's Daughter" will be released next month.

Kyoko plays Hana in 'Lupin's Daughter'
Kyoko plays Hana in 'Lupin's Daughter'

(Photo Source: Kyoko Fukada Instagram)

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