KyoChon 1991 Is The First Halal-Certified Korean Fried Chicken Chain In Malaysia

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KyoChon 1991
KyoChon 1991

South Korea’s reputation as a global soft power goes without dispute, and that’s thanks to a host of cultural exports that the nation has produced over the decades that include popular music, television, and of course, food. Where the latter is concerned, local Malaysians will be glad to know that one of the most popular South Korean restaurant chains here, KyoChon 1991, has finally been Halal Certified.

Best known for being one of the leading purveyors of consistently crisp, tender, and succulent Korean-styled fried chicken, the chain has quickly garnered a robust reputation among Malaysians since the launch of their initial flagship outlet in 1 Utama shopping centre back in 2014.

KyoChon 1991 receives Halal certification from JAKIM

With a continued commitment to ensuring that their menu items can be enjoyed by Malaysians from all walks of life, KyoChon 1991 has always served only pork-free dishes since their introduction in the local market, prepared using the highest quality Halal ingredients sourced directly from Korea.

KyoChon 1991, Korean fried chicken, Fried chicken
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But now, Muslim diners may feast with absolute peace of mind as the Osan-based chain has officially become the very first Korean fried chicken brand to receive a Halal certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia – JAKIM).

During a press conference held on 11 May, 2023 at KyoChon 1991’s outpost in The Gardens shopping centre, the company announced that 15 out of their 35 restaurants nationwide will now carry the Halal certification. This includes 10 Selangor restaurants, 2 Johor restaurants, 2 Penang restaurants, and 1 Negeri Sembilan restaurant.

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A brand trusted by Malaysians

According to company representatives, the Halal status conferred by JAKIM reflects their stringent food and safety standards that have formed a fundamental part of the company’s operations, while contributing to the trust they have established with their diners.

KyoChon 1991, Halal, Korean fried chicken, Fried chicken
Image credit: KyoChon 1991

In that vein, they have also extended their appreciation to their franchisor for a sizeable investment into a multi-million dollar automated factory, dedicated to producing KyoChon 1991 sauces and seasonings to ensure consistency between Korean and Malaysian restaurants alike. Additionally, they are also looking to expand the number of their Halal-certified restaurants in the near future.

KyoChon 1991, Halal, Fried chicken, Korean fried chicken
Image credit: KyoChon 1991

The press conference was attended by Terry Goh, the Chief Executive Officer of KyoChon 1991 Malaysia, and Mohd Fakarudin bin Mas’od, Senior Chief Assistant Director, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), who presented KyoChon 1991 with their Halal certificate. 

To commemorate the occasion, customers will now be able to enjoy 15% off on all dine-in, takeaway and web-orders between 12 May 2023 to 13 June 2023, with no minimum spend required. And for more information on the company’s Halal status, you may visit their official website through this link

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