Kylie Kelce Spills Her Super Bowl Plans and Details How Jason Kelce *Really* Went Shirtless at the Chiefs Game

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Kylie Kelce is living the sweet life. No, seriously—the former field hockey player and wife of Philadelphia Eagles football center, Jason Kelce, is gearing up for this year's Super Bowl with a brand-new partnership with Lindt. Ya know, the company that birthed Lindor Truffles? Self-proclaimed "full-blown chocoholic" Kylie linked up with the brand before the premiere of its first-ever Super Bowl commercial during the game's first quarter, and honestly? We love that for her (as do her social followers, who unabashedly comment "Kylie Kelce getting her bag is everything to me" under her #sponcon).

Despite her low-key life outside the limelight, Kylie—aka the People’s Princess of Philadelphia, or Princess Kyana, according to her brother-in-law Travis Kelce—has garnered a fan base of her own. She's appeared on two episodes of Jason and Travis' New Heights podcast (which quickly became some of the most popular installments of the series 💅), and she's earned more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram. And now, her supporters have a brand-new Cosmopolitan interview to hyper-fixate on. (You're welcome.)

Ky caught up with Cosmopolitan ahead of Super Bowl LVIII to spill all deets on her deal with Lindt, her plans for the big game this weekend, and what really went down when Jason went shirtless at that Chiefs vs. Bills game.

What are your plans for the Super Bowl?

So my plans are actually still up in the air—the flights in and out of Vegas are not the best. Right now, it looks like I'll be at the stadium cheering on Trav and the Chiefs, hopefully.

How has being in sports over the years helped your confidence?

Sports are what helped me better understand my ability and how my body played into that. I'm 5'11"—and I couldn't find pants that didn't look like a flood was coming—but I knew that being 5'11" gave me a wingspan that would help me reach in field hockey. That probably helped my hit be harder because I had a longer swing. All of these things that played into it made it so my body was a positive attribute instead of something that could be picked on. It didn't matter what anyone else said, because it helped me in field hockey, and at that point, that's what I was worried about. It was a crucial time in my life to understand those things, and field hockey—and sports in general—really made it so I could appreciate my body and its abilities.

More girls are watching football now more than ever (thanks to certain attendees). How do you think a larger female audience will have a positive impact?

I grew up watching football with my dad. He only had two daughters, so he kind of had to have a stand-in fan—I absolutely loved it. Those memories that I have watching football with my dad were so positive that I just love the idea that young girls are getting into it and watching with their dads. The number of dads that are like, "I finally get the TV with football on it and no one in the background, like, 'Turn it off!'" is a beautiful thing. I love that for football, and I love that for dads. I mostly love that for the young women who are getting into it and enjoying themselves. I think everyone can appreciate it.

Your reaction to Jason going shirtless at the Chiefs vs. Bills game last month quite literally made headlines. What was the play-by-play of that moment? What was going through your mind, did you debrief with him afterward?

So, he came into the suite. We came separately because I came in with family and he was hanging out with some friends from college. When I had first come into the suite, I had told people like, "I'm gonna check Twitter," because he told me he was trying to go through a table, like Bills mafia style, and I was not seeing it anywhere. No one had texted me like, "Did you see what your husband did?" So when he came in the suite, he came in with that energy, like he came in hot. He sat down next to me for a minute and he goes, "I think I'm gonna take my shirt off and then I'm gonna jump out of the suite." I was like, "Hmm, do we think that's the best idea?"

I know that when he says that kind of stuff, he's made up his mind. The fact that it came out of his mouth, it's happening. There's no stopping this train, it is going. The funny thing is that once he did it the first time and he got back in the suite, everyone turned around to sort of look at me and I was like, "Yeah, that's my husband." It's the second and third time that he jumped out where I was like, "Come on, come on back in. You're making the job of the security that much harder. Can we just get our behinds back in the suite?" It was funny, there was actually a clip where I said to a good friend of Jason and Travis' growing up, Harry Clark, "Harry, can you just tell him to get his ass back in the suite?" Someone got a clip of it and it was very clear audio of Harry going, "Kylie said, get your ass back in the suite!" So, you know, that was the third time he had jumped out of the suite.

Speaking of antics, your New Heights episodes with Jason and Travis are some of the most popular in the series. Would you ever consider starting your own podcast?

I don't know that I would. I don't know that I have much to talk about that would intrigue other people. I jokingly say this, but it's a little bit serious—the two times I've been on the podcast, Jason has had to basically drag me down the steps kicking and screaming. He'd be sitting downstairs with the entire production team on the call and he's like, "Kylie, are you coming down or not?" I like the idea of being in the background, but I went to school for communication. So we did podcasting, I had a radio show in college. I'm comfortable with it, I just don't know if it's my cup of tea. Who knows what the future holds, but I would lean towards probably not.

Well the present holds a Lindt partnership! You’re working with Lindt (which is running its first-ever Super Bowl ad this year); How did this come about, and what’s the sweetest thing about working with a chocolate brand?

The fact that I get to partner with Lindor Truffles makes my heart happy. We always have one or two bags in the house, and when I was younger, I once told someone that when I grew up, I was going to hide the chocolate until my kids went to bed so I didn't have to share. I have to admit that's exactly what I do. I do share with them, but I also have a hidden stash for when they go to bed. It's like a little reward, a moment of bliss when they go to sleep, to just enjoy that sweet treat. I've always been a full blown chocoholic, so the idea of getting to partner with Lindt and enjoy these truffles on a regular basis like I already did, but with a partnership? I couldn't ask for anything better.

What's your go-to flavor? I have to know now.

For the longest time, it was red, right? Milk chocolate through and through. Now that our girls have discovered what they call "the red chocolates," I have to keep a stash of something else that I know they won't steal. I also love good dark chocolate. One time, our middle asked for a bite and I gave her a little bit and she was like, "That's not the red chocolate." And I was like, "You're right, it's the blue chocolate. This is mom chocolate."

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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