Kyle Rittenhouse’s Family: We’re His Collateral Damage

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Pool/Getty Images

Kyle Rittenhouse has been publicly dragged by his own family, who say the far-right darling has left them high and dry as his mother and sister brace for eviction from their home.

Faith, Kyle’s sister, put out a desperate plea for help on May 29, setting up a GoFundMe to help fight their eviction notice.

Faith said she and her mother have struggled to maintain employment due to the shadow cast on them by the 2020 incident, where Kyle fatally shot two men during protests in Kenosha against the police shooting of Jacob Blake. She told the V-Radio podcast on June 2 that she also wound up hospitalized with appendicitis and has been in the hospital six times in the past six months, though she said her brother never once reached out. She added that “people still believe my mother drove Kyle or was somehow involved in his decision to go to Kenosha.”

“Just under 4 years ago, our lives were shattered when my brother was involved in a tragic shooting incident,” Faith wrote in the GoFundMe. “The aftermath of this event uprooted our family’s stability and left us grappling with grief, trauma, and the harsh reality of starting over.”

“With my brother’s unwillingness to provide support or contribute to our family, we’ve been left to navigate this journey on our own,” she added.

Her family has “exhausted every resource available to us,” she wrote, and “time is running out.”

At the time of publishing, the GoFundMe has raised $3,515.

“When I was in the hospital we tried to like talk to my brother, we tried to like to tell his lawyer to tell like my brother like I was maybe needing surgery or like I was in the hospital, I never heard from him,” Faith told viewers of the V-Radio podcast.

She went on to say the last time she talked to her brother was in May 2023, and the last time she saw him in person was before Christmas in 2022.

“I saw a comment saying, ‘Why doesn’t she take care of it, is she not a grown woman?’ I wouldn’t expect him to take care of it, I would just expect him to care,” Faith said.

Rittenhouse has yet to comment on the situation, but users flocked to a June 20 X post to demand he help his family.

“Help your mama Kyle!” one user wrote under post.

“It costs $0 to retweet your sister's GoFundMe,” another added on the same post.

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