Kyle Dean Massey and Husband Taylor Frey Expecting Baby No. 2: 'Greatest Gift' (Exclusive)

The couple is already parents to daughter Rafa, whom they welcomed via surrogate in 2021

<p>Britt Custer</p>

Britt Custer

Kyle Dean Massey and Taylor Frey's family is growing!

The couple, who welcomed their first daughter Rafa in 2021, is expecting their second baby together via surrogate, a rep for the pair exclusively shares with PEOPLE.

Massey, 41, and Frey, 34, will be adding another daughter to their family, whom they plan to name Gigi and is expected to arrive on May 10. In addition to being actors, Massey and Frey run Elevate, a surrogacy and egg retrieval agency.

"It takes an enormous amount of advanced planning," Frey tells PEOPLE of becoming a father through surrogacy. "Each step is intentional and deliberate and I've been so patient to go again because our priority has been to match our clients with surrogates before ourselves."

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<p>Britt Custer</p>

Britt Custer

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"I was constantly asking Kyle — who works more on the surrogacy side of our business — 'is there anyone for us?'"

Massey agrees that the process is not for the faint-hearted. "When you go through [surrogacy] the first time, you really have to start from scratch with an egg donor and IVF. For our second journey, while it's still an enormous undertaking, you do get to skip right to the point of matching with a surrogate," he says.

"Even though we run Elevate, a donor and surrogacy agency, going through the process as an intended patient is still extremely exciting. Our physician Dr. Guy Ringler is one of the most respected physicians in the field and has made our lives so easy. He's given us and our surrogate such specialized care."

Matching with a surrogate can be an arduous process, but the couple says in their case, they immediately bonded with her. "I thought after the first dinner I had with her, 'Oh this is not only an extremely generous woman. This is someone I could see myself being friends with forever,' " Frey says. "She's so down to earth and calm and I trust her completely."

"She's incredible!" adds Massey. "She's been so thoughtful about this entire journey. We feel privileged to have been selected by her. Our first pregnancy was during COVID and there were so many restrictions when it came to attending appointments and traveling."

<p>Britt Custer</p>

Britt Custer

"So it's been amazing to have this opportunity to be with her at the transfer and her ultrasound appointments. She's giving us the greatest gift, but has asked to remain private throughout this journey — otherwise I'd tell you all about her. She's wonderful."

Gigi will join big sister Rafa, 2, whom the couple calls a "magical little girl."

"To put it simply, it's been a dream-filled," Frey says of becoming a father to Rafa. "I underestimated how wonderful fatherhood could be. She is the most magical little girl. I've always known since I was very young that I wanted to become a father, but I didn't realize that every single day she would make my day."

"It has far exceeded my expectations," Massey adds. "Parenthood is the best. I do feel like I 'get it' now. Rafa has enriched and brought so much joy to our lives. She charms me every day and I cannot imagine my life without her."

This isn't the first big decision the family of three has made this year — they recently agreed to take the leap across the pond and are planning to move their family to England. "I've lived in America my whole life and I feel lucky to have had all the opportunities that have existed for me," Frey explains.

"But I'm looking for a change in culture and safer schools for my kids. We're huge supporters of the arts, and it's more accessible over there. I also miss the energy of a city and I love London."

"I've been traveling to the UK for 25 years and have always loved it," Massey adds. "Like Taylor mentioned, we're looking for a safer environment for our family, but we also have a wonderful community in the UK. Luckily, Elevate can operate anywhere and we have the luxury of being able to work just as easily over there as we do in America."

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