'Kyiv is still a target', says mayor Klitschko

STORY: Klitschko said Kyiv remained a target for Russian forces and there was risk of further attacks.

Valera Turin, who was in a nearby building when the two blasts struck, said he locked himself in the bathroom of his office.

"The first one struck on that side, it was really loud, I thought it hit somewhere in my office. After about ten seconds the second one hit, here. I then realized this one was even closer," said the 30-year old.

One woman wept as she took in the extent of damage wrought on the two buildings, as debris was being cleared from the street.

The missile strike on Thursday (April 28) came as the head of the United Nations was visiting Kyiv. Ukrainian officials said two Russian missiles had struck the capital.

Russia has not commented on the incident.

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