How a Kyiv nail artist works around blackouts

STORY: Ukraine's power outages aren't

enough to stop this nail artist

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

During a blackout she moved her

workplace to an "invincibility" center

which are equipped with power generators

(Elyzaveta Litvyhchuk, Nail artist)

My client arrived and when we started doing the manicure, the power went off. I asked her if she didn't mind going to the "invincibility" center and carrying on there or wait for the power to come back on. We decided to go to the 'invincibility' center, and it was the right thing to do.

The centers were first an initiative by Ukrainian authorities

to provide shelter and power to

Ukrainians during massive blackouts

Volunteers and locals have started to set up their own

like this one, which is called "Greenhouse"

(Andrii Erofeev, ‘Invincibility’ point director)

We would like our "Greenhouse" to become a so-called magnet in this area. So people can meet each other and help each other in the future.