Kwon Ah-Reum's agency threatens lawsuit over dating rumour

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10 May – Kwon Ah-Reum's camp has recently denied rumours that the actress is now dating NCT's Doyoung.

As reported on Hankook Ilbo, on 9 May, her agency SWMP announced, "The content related to Kwon Ah-Reum, which has recently spread through online communities, is clearly false. We have decided that it is difficult to condone any further, and we will take all possible legal measures."

The agency also revealed that it is currently collecting data through continuous monitoring.

"There is no leniency for malicious rumor writers, malicious commenters, and the acts of redistribution and reproduction, and we will take strong measures," it added.

Rumours of romance between the two sparked recently on various online communities. Kwon and Doyoung are working together in the upcoming drama, "To X Who Doesn't Love Me".

Her agency warns malicious rumour mongers of legal consequences
Her agency warns malicious rumour mongers of legal consequences

(Photo Source: Kwon Ah-Reum Instagram, Doyoung Instagram)

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