Kumail Nanjiani, Emily V. Gordon Launch ‘Staying In’ Podcast for Social Distancing Amid Coronavirus

J. Clara Chan

Regardless of how many days you’ve been social distancing, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon have launched a new philanthropic podcast that could help you stave off cabin fever.

Though the revenue made from “Staying In With Emily and Kumail” will go toward the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Feeding America and the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation — charities supporting those affected by the pandemic — Nanjiani and Gordon said that the podcast will not, in fact, focus on the coronavirus. Instead, the couple will be sharing what they’ve learned from their past experience with self-quarantining; Gordon has Still’s disease, which inspired the couple’s feature film, “The Big Sick”. The pair will also recommend entertainment options for anyone staying home because of the pandemic.

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“What we can offer is experience in self-quarantining (because of my condition), experience in working from home, and experience consuming media,” Gordon shared on Twitter. The podcast will also include, according to a separate tweet from Nanjiani, TV, movie, and video game recommendations; tips on avoiding cabin fever and keeping a schedule; and “updates on the bird vs. squirrel war raging outside our window.”

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Pocket Casts and any other major podcasting platform.

Hello all. @emilyvgordon & I are doing a podcast to raise money for various charities that help those affected by this quarantine. It's called Staying In with Emily & Kumail& the 1st ep is available right now! https://t.co/qQlxExHz51 pic.twitter.com/8MJJS4oPZt

— Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn) March 19, 2020

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