Kristen Welker presses Christie on who he’ll support in 2024 election

NBC’s Kristen Welker pushed former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Sunday about whom he is planning to back in November’s election with President Biden and former President Trump headed to a likely rematch.

Christie said on “Meet the Press” that there are two “really bad choices” in the likely presidential match-up next November. Welker repeatedly pressed Christie on whom he will support if the choices are between Biden and Trump, but the former governor said he wants to see whether there’s a third option for the White House.

“It is different because this time we don’t know if we’re going to have a third choice or not. And so I’m not going to make any commitment. The one commitment I will make to you this morning is I’m not voting for Donald Trump under any circumstances. Now, who I might vote for, I’ll wait to see the complete field before I make my judgment,” he said.

Christie dropped out of the GOP presidential primary last month after failing to garner much traction in the polls. He has been a vocal critic of Trump, who Christie has repeatedly vowed to not support again.

He said it was unlikely he would cast a ballot for Biden despite his criticism of Trump.

“No, look, I can’t see myself voting for him because I don’t agree with his policies and I have serious questions about his competence to serve another four years. So do I rule it out? I can’t imagine doing it,” he said.

When Welker asked him why he would not support Biden since he is opposed to Trump, Christie reiterated that he disagrees with Biden’s policies, adding that there are “two awful choices.”

“Look, you have two different problems here. You have someone in Joe Biden who I think doesn’t physically look up to serving another four years, whose policies I disagree with in the main. You have Donald Trump, who I agree with [on] a number of his policies but who I believe his character absolutely disqualifies him from the presidency,” he said.

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