Kristal Tin mum on rumours of contract with Louis Koo's company

17 Jan – Kristal Tin is keeping mum over rumours that she will be signing with Louis Koo's production company, Once Cool Film.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who recently announced that she is leaving TVB after 12 years, was asked about the new management rumours recently, to which she responded simply, "I have no comment."

Kristal also stated that she has no concrete plans for now, though that she has thought of the things she hopes to do.

"I will only announce it when it is all finalised," she said, adding that she will not be signing a per-year series contract with the company.

As to rumours that her departure from TVB may have something to do with her political leanings, seeing that she is married to pro-Hong Kong independence actor, Chapman To, Kristal denied it, saying that such a thing does not matter.

(Photo Source: Kristal Tin Instagram)