S.Korean airline serves in-flight meals on land

Do you miss the taste of in-flight meals?

Location: Seoul, South Korea

South Korea's Jeju Air has opened a new restaurant on land

serving in-flight meals for travel-starved customers

(SOUNDBITE) (Korean) JEJU AIR FLIGHT ATTENDANT, KIM MIN-JI, SAYING: "We are all going through a hard time, not being able to travel abroad by plane. Even if it is just a little gesture, we wanted to offer the joy of travel. So, we opened this cafe with the theme of 'let's enjoy the joy of travel with Jeju Air.'"

The restaurant is decked out with a boarding gate and mock plane windows

Flight attendants show visitors with a 'boarding pass' to their seats

and pull up trolleys to serve meals

(SOUNDBITE) (Korean)36-YEAR-OLD VISITOR, HAN JAE-MUN, SAYING: "I came here to remind myself of how it feels to travel. It feels like I'm actually on a flight as I'm having this meal in this atmosphere and interior design. It also tastes the same as what I had in flight, which is great."