S.Korea court upholds jail for ex-president Park

South Korea's Supreme Court upheld a 20-year jail sentence on Thursday for former President Park Geun-hye.

This brings an end to a legal process that began in 2017 when Park was removed from office and arrested on corruption charges.

She was found guilty of colluding with a confidante to receive tens of billions of won from major conglomerates for her family and to fund non-profits she owned.

Her case has been tried in several courts over several years, but the Supreme Court's decision exhausted her legal avenues.

Park has denied wrongdoing and with her legal process over, her supporters are calling for a presidential pardon.

Park is the daughter of a military dictator and was elected in 2013 as the first woman to be President of South Korea.

South Korean support for a possible pardon for Park is split down the middle.

A Realmeter poll found nearly 48% are in favor of a pardon and 48% are against.

The right-wing Our Republican Party issued a statement claiming Park's innocence and calling on her to be freed.

A top aide to liberal President Moon Jae-in said the president's decision on whether to pardon Park or not will reflect the will of the people.