The Kooks star Luke Pritchard and wife release ‘f*** you’ song to critics of age gap

Ellie Harrison
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Luke Pritchard and Ellie Rose (Rex Features)
Luke Pritchard and Ellie Rose (Rex Features)

The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard and his wife Ellie Rose are releasing a track that hits back at critics of their 11-year age gap.

Pritchard spoke about his new song “Don’t Judge” in a recent interview with saying: “The chorus is such a universal ‘f*** you’ lyric. I thought it was really powerful.’

Rose added: “‘Don’t Judge’ is kind of a ‘mind your own business’ song. Luke had the lyric, ‘Don’t judge our love,’ which was quite prominent to us at the time.”

Talking about when she and Pritchard first met, Rose added: “We had a bit of an age gap. A bit of drama. I was 20. I wasn’t that young though, I think it was more the dynamic.”

Luke – whose last album with The Kooks, Let’s Go Sunshine, came out in 2018 – agreed, saying: “We got a bit of a tough time… there were a few frowns. The song is quite sensual. Ellie wanted to make a bit of a statement. People are just waiting to hate.

“We live in that world where we are waiting for someone to say something, which is a really f***ed-up thing. People will judge you anyway.”

The pair got married in July 2019, when Rose was 23 and Pritchard was 34.

“Don’t Judge” is out now.

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