Kollywood legend Kamal Haasan celebrates 60 years in front of the big screen

Mark Ryan Raj
Kamal Haasan, 64, has achieved what many actors hope to someday, with 60 years of success in the film industry. — Picture courtesy of Instagram/@ikamalhaasan

PETALING JAYA, August 14 — Kollywood superstar and legend, Kamal Haasan has completed yet another milestone in his illustrious career as he enters his 60th year in the Indian film industry.

Kamal, who was born on November 7, 1954, made his name on the big screen when he was just a child — appearing in the romantic drama, Kalathur Kannamma, in 1959.

Although he only played a supporting role in the movie, alongside Gemini Ganesan and Savitri, Kamal won the best child actor award as he wowed audiences when he sang the famous old tune Ammavum Neeye Appavum Neeye in the movie.

Kamal, who is also the father of Shruti Haasan, has acted in nearly 200 films in his six-decade-long career and has won many awards for his performances — including four National Film Awards, which is the second-most by an Indian actor.

Only second to Rajinikanth in the eyes of many Bollywood and Kollywood fanatics, Kamal has acted in movies in both Hindi and Tamil, among other languages.

The 64-year-old has also played a myriad of different roles and is well-known for being an all-round actor as he has even played an old woman in Chachi 420, besides 10 different characters in the movie Dasavathaaram.

He is also widely known for his endeavour in the film industry as well, as he does more than just act, taking an avid interest in film-making aspects to boot, like choreography, directing and writing — with his first-ever written script in the movie Unarchigal, when he was only 18.

It’s no doubt that many fans idolise and respect Kamal, but they aren’t the only ones as even his daughter Shruti was keen to congratulate her “bapuji” on his milestone achievement.


Despite everything he has already achieved, Kamal is not done yet, with fans eagerly awaiting his upcoming films like, Indian 2, which he is acting in and Thalaivan Irukkiraan, which he is directing.

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