Koala Released Back to the Wild After Being 'Hit by Car for Second Time'

A New South Wales rescue and rehabilitation service that focuses on the care of koalas shared footage on November 1 of one of their residents returning to the wild after it had recovered from being “hit by a car for the second time”.

Just north of Sydney, Port Stephens Koala Hospital provides a wildlife shelter for marsupials in need.

In this case, Jacko the koala had been severely unlucky, twice getting hit by a car, according to the hospital. Luckily, he only suffered “superficial nose damage”.

According to a Facebook post about his release, Jacko was in the care of Port Stephens Koala Hospital for four months in total.

The hospital said Jacko had been “released to a much safer environment”.

The shelter shares regular updates on the progress of the koalas in their care via its YouTube and Facebook pages. Credit: Port Stephens Koala Hospital via Storyful

Video transcript


- We're at Finnegan's drive at the, very near the caravan park down here. And we've had a really rush call to release Jacko. So that's exactly what we're going to do.

So Emma's here. And she'll take the basket in now, pull it up against that tree. And there's Jacko looking around wondering what the hell's going on.

So this is not a bad little spot, this either. So mate, you're in a lot better shape now than when you first come into us. So we don't want to see you back again.

OK, take the top off.


So we'll just look around. Oh, there's a tree. Good boy. Good boy. Here's that little man.


It's all new in my business. OK. But you're our third release in three days.

Oh, am I? Good luck this time. And stay away from Port Stephens drive and cars.