Koala Joeys Wrestle at Rescue Facility in Adelaide

Two koala joeys enjoyed a rough-and-tumble playtime at Southern Koala Rescue in Adelaide, South Australia, on February 4.

This footage, filmed by a Southern Koala Rescue member, shows Harry and Vixen wrestling and playing with each other before bottle time.

Harry — the koala with darker paws — was orphaned during the winter and found during a storm, the koala rescue told Storyful. When rescuers found Harry, the koala weighed 500 grams (about 1.1 pounds). The joey now weighs nearly 4 kilograms (almost 9 pounds).

Vixen was an orphan found during a heatwave in South Australia, but was luckily not found in a fire-ravaged area.

“Lots of mum koalas seem to ditch their babies when the weather gets too extreme,” the koala rescue said. Credit: Southern Koala Rescue via Storyful