Know-it-all: Voting portal keeps Malaysians informed for GE15

As Malaysia’s GE15 approaches, myundi intends to provide Malaysians with all the latest political drama and news, including statistics and information, beginning from nomination day which is tomorrow to election day (Nov. 19).

With nominations scheduled to take place tomorrow (Nov. 5), all eyes will be on social media and news sites to keep track of the latest happenings.

Myundi acts as the ideal one-stop portal for all things GE15-related.

The portal, which was introduced by REV Media Group (RMG) in 2018, combines the latest news with overall election results on a single, interactive digital platform while also offering accurate election statistics.

Users can take full advantage of myundi’s live, 24-hour accessibility to news stories, videos, infographics, and other election-related content.

Suara Kita, a new feature that myundi has added, also provides Malaysians a chance to express their thoughts and ideas about the upcoming new government.

According to Nicholas Sagau, chief operating officer of RMG, “Suara Kita is a forum for all individuals to voice their thoughts and goals surrounding the next Malaysian administration.”

PCs, cellphones, and tablets can access the myundi portal.

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