'We Know Who You Are:' Trump Supporter Confronts Driver at California Rally

A supporter of US President Donald Trump confronted a woman driving during through a pro-Trump rally in Beverly Hills, California, on October 24, saying that he had taken details of her license plates and that “we got you now.”

The incident was recorded by Ajay Rochester, who said in subsequent footage that she hadn’t replied to the man’s comments because she had been scared, and that she planned to report the incident.

Rochester said she had forgotten that a pro-rally rally was held regularly on Saturdays at Beverly Gardens Park. As she drove along Santa Monica Boulevard, a man holding a pro-Trump flag in one hand and a US flag in the other hand started talking in the window of her car.

“We got you now. Your mother voted for Trump,” the man said. “Your mother loves Trump, I asked her. We got your plates, we got you.”

The man then walks in front the woman’s car, before returning and adding, “We know who you are now. You’re gonna vote for Trump whether you like it or not. You got no choice. You cannot resist Trump. We got you. We f***ing got you.” Credit: Ajay Rochester via Storyful