All the Need-to-Know Details on 'Bachelorette' Contestant Jeremy Simon

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Need-to-Know Details About 🌹Jeremy Simon🌹ABC

Jenn Tran's season of The Bachelorette has officially begun! Which means Monday nights are no longer completely unbearable. ABC actually seems to have come through when it comes to casting Jenn's fleet of potential husbands, and in the event that 29-year-old Jeremy Simon has ~piqued your interest~, the time has come to get to know him a bit better. Also, we have spoilers on exactly how far he makes it, so scroll to the verrrry bottom for those–or not, if you wanna remain pure.

He's From New York City

Automatic cool points. And on an unrelated note, love a man with a sense of humor:

He's a Real Estate Investor

As anyone who lives in NYC knows, it's basically impossible to find an apartment that any way livable/normal. But clearly Jeremy has it all figured out, so on that note: Help me find a rent stabilized 2-bedroom with a dishwasher, Jeremy, TY!

Some Green Flags

  1. Jeremy wants to live abroad one day, which yes, absolutely here for that.

  2. His ideal "meet-the-family date would be inviting a girl over for Passover seder," which also yes, adore a family man.

  3. He's obsessed with "traveling the world."

  4. He's into "staying active."

He's Been "Unlucky in Love"

According to ABC's long suffering bio writer, Jeremy has had "long-term relationships in the past but has been unlucky in love ever since." But! "When Jeremy loves, he loves hard and enjoys coming up with creative ideas for special date nights."

As for what he wants in a partner, JerBear (trying something out, just go with it) is "looking for a lasting relationship where he and his partner can have great communication and share a good sense of humor."

Oh, and also his love language is physical touch, so he’s "hoping his future wife is ready for all the cuddles and kisses."

Obviously, Jeremy is a huge catch, so the time has come for spoilers (read: WE NEED TO KNOW IF HE WINS). Find out how far he makes it after this gif of Jenn giving someone–hopefully Jeremy—a rose:

He Makes It to Hometowns

According to Reality Steve, Jeremy makes it to Hometowns–which means he's automatically in the running for the next Bachelor as far as reality show math is concerned. But sadly, Jeremy is eliminated after his date—meaning he doesn't make it to overnights and didn't win Jen's season.

So, Who Did Win?

That'd be Devin Strader. According to ABC, he's “extremely hardworking, passionate about his career, and proud of the business he’s built. When he’s not working, he loves running and spending time with his dog, Charlie—these two are a package deal.”

He also “dreams of surprising his partner with romantic gestures throughout their relationship” and is “hoping his future wife is honest, kind, and embraces his big personality.”

Love that for Jenn, though bummed about Jeremy! Was rooting for you! WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!

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