Kluang man live streams himself sleeping on Facebook, captivates more than 60,000 viewers

Tan Mei Zi
Needless to say, nothing much happened in AC Hami’s surprisingly popular live stream. — Screengrab via Facebook/AC Hami

PETALING JAYA, Feb 18 — A Malaysian man known as AC Hami garnered tens of thousands of views on Facebook recently without lifting a finger.

In fact, he did it all while lazing around on his bed.

Hami live streamed himself sleeping at home on his Facebook page last Sunday and managed to garner more than 60,000 views on the broadcast, which lasted just over one hour and 40 minutes.

The Kluang-born man doesn’t do much in the clip apart from shifting his position occasionally as music plays in the background, yet the uneventful stream has gotten more than 1,700 reactions and 2,200 comments from bemused social media users.

“Sleeping live and you have over 500 people watching. I salute you,” read a real-time comment from Cass Wong.

“Why do you wear jeans in bed?” joked Wilson Ng.

In his post, Hami also offered some helpful and humourous tips for those who have trouble falling asleep.

“Take a deep breath, open your mouth, and then slowly exhale. Repeat three times. If you faint, it doesn't matter to me.

“I think of a blank picture in my mind, and then I think of a square. One more, and more and more, eventually I will fall asleep,” he wrote.

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