Klopp compares officials to ‘microwave’ in referee rant after Liverpool defeat to Brentford

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp looks unsure Credit: Alamy
Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp looks unsure Credit: Alamy

Jurgen Klopp is convinced Ibrahima Konate was fouled for Brentford’s third goal on Monday and has no idea what is and isn’t allowed in football anymore.

Liverpool’s poor defending cost them dearly against Brentford’s canny set-pieces as Thomas Frank’s side claimed another famous scalp with a 3-1 victory.

But Klopp wasn’t at all happy with the officials. Water is wet.

“The third goal should not be a goal, easy as that. If you’ve ever played football and been in a foot sprint and you get a slight push you go down because you cannot keep balance. That’s how it is and you could see that,” Klopp said.

“That’s actually exactly the same as I’d talk to my microwave. You get no response really. It’s always the same. Before the season they give us advice that the players must be careful in these moments because the refs will have an eye on it and you see these games and pretty much everything is allowed. It’s always on the edge.

” I will have to watch it back again and again because the two corners where they scored, one of them was offside or whatever it was, and then the other one of course we don’t behave perfectly.

“But they are stretching the rules in this moment, they are pushing, holding and everything and the refs, that’s obviously what you can do, that’s why it’s really difficult and we could have done better.

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“The third goal, I have no clue how he can only not whistle for a foul in that situation where the defender has been given a push in the back. You lose control and you go down, then they hide behind the phrase ‘it’s not clear and obvious.’ These are the situations, he has to explain that, if somebody were to ask him.”

“We had a meeting before the season where they told us not the foul on Ibou, but the behaviour in the box, the refs will whistle, but unfortunately they don’t do it. Do I expect it? I don’t expect anything in our favour, I just think a foul is a foul, holding is holding and pushing is pushing.

“That’s a few things that are allowed and then not allowed, and refs see them, they whistle for it, if they don’t then they cannot whistle for it, that’s how it is.

“Maybe there’s a reason why they are so successful from set pieces but still concede a lot of defensive goals around set pieces, because there you cannot do the same stuff because it would be a penalty. That’s why they do well, but there are some rules and that’s what you have to see.”

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