Klang truck damages 12 vehicles in drunk driving incident, goes viral

Going viral on Twitter over the long, long holiday weekend, is the clip of a holiday reveler who decided that the best way to endanger their life and that of others would be to dive their pick-up truck down a Port Klang road, hitting parked vehicles.

Police confirm the clip took place Sunday, January 26, at 9:35pm.

In the video, taken outside a housing complex in Taman Pandamar 2, the truck can be seen swerving down the road, knocking into cars before coming to a stop only when they struck a lamppost at the end of the street.

In total, 12 vehicles reported damages over the incident, with police only saying that the driver’s alcohol levels were found to be over the legal limit.

Images taken at the scene by Twitter user @syafiqIsmardi how extensive damage done to the front of the suspect’s vehicle, a very bent pole, and trashed parked cars, left wondering whether the Year of the Rat was going to be real sh*tty even though it hadn’t quite yet started.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured, with the driver receiving treatment at the nearby Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital for minor scrapes.

Humans of Malaysia and world, for the love of all things half-decent – not even decent – just half – please stop drunk driving. It ain’t it. And it’s also illegal, dangerous, selfish, and could ruin your life.



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