KL man brings cheer to young boy selling vegetables in TTDI during Hari Raya by buying him a meal

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Ikwan having a McDonald’s meal bought by Ong two days ago. — Pictures via Facebook/ErnestOng
Ikwan having a McDonald’s meal bought by Ong two days ago. — Pictures via Facebook/ErnestOng

PETALING JAYA, May 6 — Ernest Ong had noticed a 10-year-old boy selling vegetables at a stall near the TTDI mosque during the Hari Raya celebrations.

Puzzled at the sight of the boy while he was returning home at 5pm, Ong told Malay Mail that he got down from his car and decided to talk to the boy.

“I just got back from a Hari Raya open house and was surprised to see the young boy in a stall under a tree during the Hari Raya festivities.

“Everyone who was celebrating was in the festive mood except this boy who was alone and waiting for customers to buy his vegetables.

“After chatting with him, the boy whose name is Ikwan told me that while his father was working at Pasar Selayang, his mother was at home looking after his younger sibling.”

Ong added that the boy told him that he goes to school and that his parents would pick up later that night.

Noticing that Ikwan had no food with him and was hungry, Ong then bought a McDonald’s meal for him.

The meal consisted of a fried chicken, a packet of fries and a drink.

“All other shops were closed as it was during the festive season so only the fast food franchise was open in that area.

“Ikwan was so happy to have had a meal.”

Ong added he wanted to put a smile on Ikwan’s face knowing that it was Hari Raya and the boy had no one to celebrate the occasion with.

“I wanted to bring cheer to him — because it was a sad sight to see him alone with no one beside him.

“One doesn’t need to wait for organisations to help or put a smile on someone’s face — buying someone a meal or displaying kindness in your own way is also possible.

“When I drove by the mosque last night, I didn’t see him so I’m not sure where he is right now,” he said.

Ong posted about his experience on Facebook and many flooded his post to thank him for his kindness while others hoped that there would be more people like him to help those in need.

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