KJ: Klang Valley Covid-19 ebb foreshadowed in N Sembilan

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KJ: Klang Valley Covid-19 ebb foreshadowed in N Sembilan
KJ: Klang Valley Covid-19 ebb foreshadowed in N Sembilan

The high vaccination rate in Negeri Sembilan has driven down criticalCovid-19 cases in the state and the same could happen in the Klang Valley in afew weeks, said Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

Speaking to reporters in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan today, he said 98 percentof Negeri Sembilan's adult population are partially vaccinated whileanother 82 percent of adults there are fully vaccinated.

He said this helped to drive down the number of people hospitalised forCovid-19 in the state to below 70 percent, including the use of ventilators andintensive care beds.

"In terms of daily cases, it has dropped from a high of 1,215 in Augustto just 270 yesterday. It is showing the early success of the immunisationprogramme in Negeri Sembilan.

"I believe that our success in Negeri Sembilan is a sign of what willhappen in the Klang Valley soon because Kuala Lumpur and Selangor havevaccination rates comparable to Negeri Sembilan," said Khairy.

However, he said the population density of the Klang Valley mightdelay the drop in serious Covid cases there.

"Perhaps we will see it in the next few weeks," said theminister.

Despite Negeri Sembilan having moved to Phase 3 of the National RecoveryPlan, Khairy said the government still has to be cautious in reopening theeconomy.

Even in Phase 3, he said the public will still have to obey health rules,especially wearing masks.

Meanwhile, he said only Category 3 patients with comorbidities will behospitalised for now. Category 3 refers to patients with lung infections but donot require supplementary oxygen.

"For those with no comorbidities, we will urge them to quarantine athome. There will be exceptions such as pregnant women, the elderly, and thosein situations where they cannot quarantine at home," he said.

Those undergoing home quarantine will have to constantly use the"home assessment tool" in the MySejathera smartphone application.

Those who develop complications during home quarantine must contact thehealth authorities immediately for help.

Critics have pointed out that many Covid-19 deaths were a result of the homequarantine rule, as the victims were unable to seek medical help in time.

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