KJ: 'I'm talking durian, but EU envoy is talking about rambutan'

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KJ: 'I'm talking durian, but EU envoy is talking about rambutan'
KJ: 'I'm talking durian, but EU envoy is talking about rambutan'

Khairy Jamaluddin today blasted European Union ambassador to Malaysia Michalis Rokas, saying that the latter had got the wrong topic when replying to his criticism against the EU.

According to the minister in charge of Malaysia’s National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NIP), he was talking about EU hoarding vaccine supply by procuring more than they need.

He said Rokas had instead gone on about the millions of doses of vaccines that Malaysia had purchased from EU members.

“I think he did not understand what I was talking about. Yes we did buy vaccines from Belgium, but these are vaccines which Malaysia had paid for.

“I’m talking about the EU having purchased more than what they need. I did not say that they blocked the vaccines we already purchased.

“Well, thank you for not blocking, but what I am saying is that you bought in excess, many times over,” Khairy told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

According to Khairy, Malaysia is only ordering vaccine doses enough for 120 percent of its population.

However, he said, there are countries which purchased doses five times the size of their population.

“I was talking about durian, but he wants to speak rambutan,” Khairy said, referring to Rokas.

Three days ago, Rokas gave details on how many vaccines that the EU had shipped and approved to export to Malaysia.

His explanation followed Khairy's criticism against vaccine supply inequity, where he lashed out at countries which hoard vaccines.

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