Kitty Zhang and Yuan Bayuan spark online fight

12 Jan – First, they tied the knot only after knowing each other for 70 days. Then they announced they are divorced after a domestic scuffle that ended with police intervention. Then they were spotted holding hands together not a few weeks after the conflict.

And now, "The Mermaid" star Kitty Zhang (Zhang Yuqi) and businessman husband Yuan Bayuan are taking it to social media to point fingers at each other for being the bad spouse.

As reported on Oriental Daily, Yuan recently took to Weibo to accuse the actress of infidelity, saying that while they reconciled after the divorce, it was her cheating ways that drove him to end their relationship.

Yuan alleged that he saw Kitty with "the same man" at a hotel in Shanghai, adding, "That has always been her style. She was that way before the divorce too. She only cares about herself. She never cares about other people, including her kids."

In response, Kitty posted a statement saying that she had to address the allegations despite not wanting to air her marital woes to the public earlier due to the damaging nature of Yuan's allegations.

Expressing her disgust towards Yuan for airing their dirty laundry to the public, Kitty said that she has the right to meet whomever she wants since she and Yuan are already divorced. However, Kitty blasted Yuan for accusing her of sleeping with a man on the second day of meeting.

Kitty also expressed her belief that the businessman is sharing all of their private details in public in an attempt to ruin her career and taking the custody of their children away from her.

"Although I am an independent woman, I have a soft spot for my kids. Even when I have a temper, I will turn soft whenever I see my kids. I'm sorry that my children will have to grow up knowing that their parents turned out like this. I am deeply ashamed for not being able to protect my children," she added.

She also begged for her ex-husband to return her RMB 10 million, but did not elaborate more on the money issue.

(Photo Source: ST Headline)