Kitten Rescued From Light Pole in Lincoln, Nebraska

A kitten that became trapped in a light pole was rescued by crews in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Friday, September 3.

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) released this video showing the unusual call-out which was prompted by reports of meowing coming from the pole, they said in a statement.

David Woitaszewski, a traffic signal technician for LTU, said the kitten was “a little feisty and did not want to come out” but rescuers were able to pull the animal to safety.

According to a statement by LTU, animal control took part in the rescue of the little feline, which was estimated to be around four or five weeks old.

“We suspect the kitten got scared during a thunderstorm sometime this week and was small enough to squeeze its way under the light pole,” said Lincoln Animal Control Manager Steve Beal.

The kitten was delivered to the Capital Humane Society Admissions Center, where it will be put into foster care once old enough, and eventually put up for adoption, if not claimed within three days. Credit: Lincoln Transportation and Utilities via Storyful

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