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Kitchen Tips I've Learned While Cooking During Quarantine

Prior to the pandemic and mandatory stay-at-home order, I was never much of a cook. I had maybe three quick and easy dinner recipes in my repertoire, and one of them involved just pouring a jar of salsa over some chicken in a slow cooker. When dining out was no longer an option and ordering delivery involved a certain level of risk and exposure to germs, I had no choice but to up my kitchen game.

I've always enjoyed cooking, but the underlying fear of burning down my apartment kept me from experimenting much beyond slow-cooker recipes or baking something in the oven. Quarantine forced me to confront that fear and get to know my kitchen a little better. Although I don't plan on opening my own restaurant anytime soon, the spring of 2020 provided me with an opportunity to expand my horizons and add a few new dishes to my routine. Using meal kit delivery services like Sun Basket introduced me to new ingredients and cooking methods that took me outside of my comfort zone. It's a great way to get your feet wet instead of just diving head first into the deep end.

This time spent measuring and mixing taught me some invaluable lessons that I'll rely on for years to come. The most important being that there's nothing to be afraid of. Even folks with a penchant for burning toast can benefit from these helpful tips for creating simple meals that don't sacrifice flavor.