King vs queen mattress: Which size should you buy in the Black Friday sales?

 King vs queen mattress size comparison image shows a queen size Nectar Memory Foam on a blue background and a king size Tempur-Pedic Cloud on a dark blue background.
King vs queen mattress size comparison image shows a queen size Nectar Memory Foam on a blue background and a king size Tempur-Pedic Cloud on a dark blue background.

Many people use the Black Friday mattress deals to switch bed sizes from a queen to a king mattress, or even to size down from a king to a queen. There are multiple reasons behind these choices, including space in your bedroom, whether you need a bigger mattress to accommodate a growing family, or if you've had a change in your relationship and no longer need a larger bed.

When choosing the best mattress for your sleep needs, price, comfort, support and temperature regulation are very important factors to consider, but so is mattress size. Queens are narrower than kings but length wise there is no difference, so which size would truly suit you best and what types of scenarios could affect your choice?

Our king vs queen size mattress guide breaks down the dimensions, pros and cons and average prices of both two sizes, so you can confidently choose the one that suits you best before snapping up a bargain in the Black Friday sales.

We've also produced a guide to the best queen size mattresses and the best king size mattresses for all budgets. For now, here's how to choose between a king vs queen mattress this Black Friday...

King vs queen mattress: Measurements

While you probably already know that a king size is the bigger of the pair, it helps to know by how much. A queen mattress dimensions are 60” wide by 80” long, while a king mattress dimensions in comparison are 76” wide by 80” long.

Their equal length means you get the same legroom no matter which one you pick, but the width is considerably different. At 16” wider than a queen, a king size may be best for some sleepers who need more room.

King vs queen mattress: Price and trials

While queen mattresses are typically cheaper than king mattresses, you’ll find that both sizes are rarely ever sold at full retail price. Sometimes there’s a sizable price difference between a king and a queen, creating some financial knockbacks if you spring for a king, while other times the price gap is quite small.

Usually it's rare that the sleep trial offered by the best mattress in a box brands will be dependent on size. As long as the brand or model offers a trial period, it shouldn’t matter what size you pick.

Here are our favorite early deals that you can shop this weekend:

King vs queen mattress: How to choose in Black Friday sales

1. You need more sleep space

A queen mattress is roomy enough to suit couples, but this size may still be too narrow if you enjoy having more sleep space. Both combination sleepers and stomach sleepers tend to need more room on the bed, and the queen may make you (or your partner) feel a little cornered. A king size can give you that extra space or wriggle room that you need, and make the bed feel less cramped.

Moreover, if there’s been some new additions to your family (such as a co-sleeping child or cuddly pet) or lifestyle adjustments (such as an increase in body size, pregnancy or menopause), it may be time to upgrade to a king size for less stuffiness, more freedom, and cooler sleep all-round.

2. You sleep alone but like to spread out

While king sizes may provide more space for couples and expanding families, they can be a bit too spacious for solo sleepers. Sizes smaller than a queen mattress are big enough for one person to sleep comfortably, but a queen can provide that extra room for those sleeping alone to spread out. Queen sizes can give solo sleepers the spatial freedom of king without the bed feeling too wide.

3. You bed share but both cuddle to sleep

A king mattress may be the recommended size for expanding families and couples who like their space, but if you're half of a couple that likes to keep cosy, a queen would be wide enough for you. For cuddly sleepers, a queen size is cheaper than a king and won’t give you unnecessary space.

4. You have a small bedroom

If you have a small bedroom or apartment, a king size bed can take up some valuable space and make the place look even smaller. A queen size, however, doesn’t take up as  much room. They’re also easier to move, flip, or rotate. Overall, queen sizes can give you enough sleep space without compromising on space everywhere else.

5. You have a modest budget

While queen size mattresses are cheaper than king size ones, sometimes the price difference isn’t that huge.You can get cheap king mattresses for pretty affordable prices, so budget shouldn’t necessarily be a barrier here. This Black Friday, Siena Sleep is currently selling a king size mattress for just $499, which is only $100 more than their queen.

Bed, Bath & Beyond are also discounting a king Zinus Green Tea Luxe to just $579, while a Capser’s final sale markdown means you can score a king Casper Snug mattress for just $357 (down from $495).

5 top king and queen mattress deals with free bedding

1. Cocoon by Sealy Chill: from $1079 $699 at Cocoon
Ranked as one of the best memory foam mattress for hot sleepers, this all-foam mattress  will help keep you cool at night. This mattress also has excellent motion isolation, which makes it a good choice for couples.Currently you can get a queen for just $699 and a king for just $899, and this deal includes a free Sealy Sleep bundle worth $199. The bundle contains two memory foam pillows, a sheet set and mattress protector. View Deal

2. Helix Midnight: from $1,332 $999 at Helix Sleep
With its excellent motion isolation and good temperature isolation, this is ideal for restless couples who need to feel less stuffy. We also consider it to be one of the best mattresses for side sleepers, and you can now get a queen for just $999. Extras include a free dream pillow set (worth $150), and discounts on mattress protectors and bed bases. View Deal

3. Bear Elite: from $2,305 $1,499 at Bear Mattress
The Bear Elite Hybrid is at the top of Bear’s fiberglass-free range of mattresses. This hybrid is suitable for all sleep positions – especially side and combination sleepers – and has pressure-relieving and cooling properties. With a queen now reduced to $1,499 and a king to 1,796 ($966 less than MSRP), the Elite Hybrid comes with a free $400-worth of sleep accessories, including two pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector. For alternatives, check out best hybrid mattress guide.View Deal

4. Layla Memory Foam Mattress: from $1,099 $899 at Layla Sleep
While memory foam has a reputation for trapping heat,  Layla Memory Foam is infused with copper to help keep sleepers cool. Currently, a queen has been reduced to $899 while a king is just $1,049. It also comes with two free pillows, and 50% off bamboo sheets and a memory foam topper. View Deal

5. Nolah Original: from $1,449 $942 at Nolah Mattress
The Nolah Original’s slow-moving memory foam is ideal if you share a bed with a restless sleeper, while its sink-in softness will keep side sleepers comfortably supported. You can currently get a queen for $942 (was $1,449) and a king for $1,137 (was $1,749). These are great savings, and they now come with a free Black Friday Accessory Bundle worth $259. This freebie includes two fluffy pillows, a microfiber sheet set, and a terry cloth mattress protector. View Deal

King vs queen mattresses: What to consider before switching sizes

Whether you upgrade your mattress to a king or downsize to a queen, there are some extra costs you need to consider. You’ll need to buy bedding accessories, such as a new comforter, pillows sheets, and a bed frame, which could be a financial knockback even if you're downsizing.

You need to think about whether you have the budget to factor in these extras, too. However, sometimes – especially around major shopping events such as Black Friday – king and queen mattresses come with an offer on a bedding bundle, or free bedding sets and accessories worth hundreds of dollars.  Read on to discover our top 5 king and queen size mattress deals that come with free bedding…