King hoping to attend Easter Sunday service after Kate’s cancer announcement

The King is hoping to attend the royal family’s traditional Easter Sunday service in what may be his first public appearance after the Princess of Wales revealed she has cancer.

Charles, 75, who has also been diagnosed with cancer, may attend a smaller version of the annual service at Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel alongside the Queen if his health allows.

The Prince and Princess of Wales and their three children will not attend next week’s service after Kate, 42, said she was undergoing preventative chemotherapy in an emotional video message on Friday.

Princess of Wales cancer announcement
Kate made the announcement on Friday (BBC Studios/PA)

It is not likely to be a large family gathering or service, according to The Telegraph, as the King has paused public-facing royal duties.

Charles has been receiving treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer since early February after he was treated for an enlarged prostate at the same hospital where Kate had abdominal surgery.

In an emotional video message, Kate spoke about the “huge shock” after tests identified cancer following the surgery and the “incredibly tough couple of months” her family have experienced, with her voice cracking with emotion at times during the footage.

Charles is said to be “proud” of his “beloved” daughter-in-law for her “courage” in speaking about her treatment and has remained in close contact during the past few weeks.

Royal visit to Trinity Buoy Wharf
The King said he was ‘proud’ of his ‘beloved’ daughter-in-law for her ‘courage’ in speaking about her treatment (Chris Jackson/PA)

Words of support also came from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who said: “We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to do so privately and in peace.”

The form of cancer has not been disclosed but the future Queen began a course of “preventative chemotherapy” late in February, and is said to have a positive mindset for her recovery and is in good spirits, describing herself as “well and getting stronger every day”.

William and Kate have focused on their children, taking the time to sensitively share the state of the princess’s health with Prince George, Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Well-wishers went to Windsor in Berkshire, on Saturday morning, including Linda Boby, from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, who told PA: “It’s such a shock, she’s such a young lady and she deserves her privacy.”

King Charles III coronation
The Prince and Princess of Wales delayed the announcement of her cancer diagnosis in order to tell their children, Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince Louis, at a time that was right for them (Daniel Leal/PA)

Local Clementine Black, 49, a business consultant, said: “It’s unbelievably upsetting that Kate has to come out and say this because of online speculation to be honest.”

Political leaders of all sides have expressed sympathy and support for Kate and criticised what Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described as the “intense scrutiny” she has faced from social media and sections of the media around the world.

Lord David Cameron, the Foreign Secretary said in a post on X, formerly Twitter: “My thoughts go out to The Princess of Wales, The Prince of Wales and their three young children at this time.

“The strength of the princess – speaking so frankly, with all the pressures of publicity and bringing up a young family – is remarkable and is rightly admired around the world.”

On Friday evening, hashtags including “WeLoveYouCatherine” and “GetWellSoonCatherine” were trending on X.

It is understood the video message, recorded on Wednesday in Windsor, was released on the day William and Kate’s three children began their Easter school holidays, to take advantage of the break to shield them from coverage of their mother’s health.

The Princess of Wales surgery
The princess’s announcement ends weeks of speculation over her whereabouts following abdominal surgery in January (Jonathan Brady/PA)

The announcement may end weeks of intense speculation and conspiracy theories on social media about the whereabouts and health of the future Queen.

Rumours online about Kate intensified after William missed, at very short notice, the memorial service of his godfather the late King Constantine of Greece on February 27.

It is now understood the prince’s decision not to attend was related to his wife’s condition, but it is not known when the princess was told about the positive test for cancer.

Further speculation was triggered after the princess admitted to “editing” her official Mother’s Day photograph which had irregularities.

Princess of Wales surgery
The princess underwent abdominal surgery at the London Clinic at the beginning of the year and investigations are currently underway into allegations that attempts were made to access Kate’s private medical records (Lucy North/PA)

A further development saw an investigation launched by the UK’s privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office, into allegations there were attempts to access Kate’s private medical records at the London Clinic where she had her surgery.

It is not known how long Kate will be receiving treatment but it is understood she may be keen to attend events as and when she feels able to, in line with medical advice, although this will not indicate a return to full-time duties.

William will continue to balance supporting his wife and family and maintaining his official duties as he has done since her operation.

The prince is due to return to public duties after his children return to school following the Easter break.