What time do the pubs close today?

Keen to raise a late-night toast to celebrate the coronation, or just because you’re enjoying the bank holiday weekend? Depending on what apart of the UK you are in, you may well be in luck.

Pubs in England and Wales will be able to continue serving customers for two hours beyond their usual closing time, with the extended licensing hours applying from 11pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There won’t be extended licensing hours on the bank holiday Monday (8 May) but you can expect events and activities happening across England and Wales to celebrate the weekend.

What time will pubs, bars and clubs close over the coronation weekend?

Over the coronation weekend, pubs are allowed to stay open until 1am, instead of the usual 11pm, which means we get two extra hours on Saturday 6 May and Sunday 7 May.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman announced the decision earlier this year to allow people to “enjoy an extra pint or two”.

Clubs and bars will also see later closing times – also two hours beyond their usual time.

These closing times will vary between venues, though, so make sure to check with your local venue.

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