King Charles to offer Croatian wine at coronation

STORY: King Charles will offer coronation guests Croatian wine

Locator: Ilok, Croatia

The chosen bottles are of the 2019 vintage Traminac semi-sweet white wine

from the Ilocki Podrumi Domain

the same type served at Queen Elizabeth II's coronation 70 years ago

(Vesna Stajer, Marketing official at Ilocki Podrumi)

"Our association with the royal court has a long-standing history. In 1953, we were commissioned to deliver 11,000 bottles of Traminac wine, which is a selectively vintage wine sourced from these cellars. Although not entirely consisting of Traminac, it mostly contained the said variety, and was served at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II."

(Ivana Raguz, Chief Oenologist at Ilocki Podrumi)

"The 2019 edition of the Traminac wine selection is a semi-sweet white wine produced from carefully picked grapes with high sugar content. It has a golden-yellow hue and a bouquet that features prominent honey notes. This dessert wine has a unique botrytis character, making it a well-structured and harmonious wine, with an alcohol content of approximately 14.5%."