King Charles greets well-wishers at Holyroodhouse

STORY: Charles III arrived at Holyroodhouse in preparation of accompanying the cortege to St Giles' Cathedral where the Queen will lie in state. Charles travelled to Edinburgh from London and will inspect the royal guard and then hold vigil at the Queen's coffin.

"I think it's all very emotional, the fact that he is out so close to his mum's death," said Yvane after she met the King.

"I found him more emotional than I thought. Because at the end of the day he is just a grieving son," said Jackie Basset who had shook hands with the King. "But he basically said to us that he had been dreading the moment coming and he was trying to keep everything going."

On Tuesday (September 13) the Queen will leave Scotland and travel to London where she will lie in state until the funeral on September 19.