‘Kindly take your finger out of my face’: Harry recalls tense meeting with Meghan, William and Kate

Meghan Markle and Prince William reportedly found themselves in a row after the Duchess of Sussex made a comment about the Princess of Wales’ hormones.

The alleged encounter is among the moments detailed in Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, released today (10 January). The ghost-written autobiography accidentally went on sale in Spain five days prior to the official release, while pages of the memoir were leaked to various media outlets.

In it, Prince Harry claims that his wife asked William to get his finger out of her face during a heated argument.

Recalling the incident, he alleges that Kate had asked Meghan for an apology for hurting her feelings. When his wife said she was unaware of what Kate was referring to, Kate apparently brought up a phone conversation where Meghan commented on Kate’s hormones.

In the phone call, the pair were reportedly discussing the timings of wedding rehearsals.

“Meg said: ‘Oh yes! I remember: You couldn’t remember something, and I said it’s not a big deal, it’s baby brain. Because you’d just had a baby. It’s hormones,’” Harry recalls.

“Kate’s eyes widened: ‘Yes. You talked about my hormones. We’re not close enough for you to talk about my hormones!’

“Meg’s eyes got wide too. She looked genuinely confused. ‘I’m sorry I talked about your hormones. That’s just how I talk with my girlfriends.’”

The duke then claims that “Willy” stepped in and “pointed at Meg”.

“‘It’s rude, Meghan. It’s not what’s done here in Britain,’” William reportedly said.

‘Spare’ officially released in bookstores today (10 January) (Copyright 2023 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)
‘Spare’ officially released in bookstores today (10 January) (Copyright 2023 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

To which Meghan apparently replied: “Kindly take your finger out of my face.”

The Independent has contacted Kensington Palace for comment.

Harry then writes, addressing the reader, “Was this really happening? Had it actually come to this? Shouting at each other about place cards and hormones?

“Meg said she’d never intentionally do anything to hurt Kate, and if she ever did, she asked Kate to please just let her know so it wouldn’t happen again.”

The duke concluded the section of the book: “We all hugged. Kind of.”

“And then I said we’d better be going.”

Elsewhere in Spare, Harry claims that Prince William physically attacked him, reveals the moment he learnt of his mother’s death and admits to illegal drug use.

The highly anticipated memoir was officially released in bookstores today (10 January). Read The Independent’s review here.