Kind couple in India designs wheelchair for crippled street dog

A couple in south India took pity on a street dog with crippled back legs by making a wheelchair to help the poor pup move around more easily.

Sudha and Kannan are a couple living in Cuddalore, Alpate area, Tamil Nadu, who work running a laundry shop but also take care of stray and injured dogs on the nearby roads.

The pair found the crippled dog five months ago and named him Gunasekhar and attempted to find a vet to treat its legs. However, they discovered the dog's condition was a birth defect.

Sudha and Kannan saw Gunasekhar was unable to play with fellow dogs and tried to buy a wheelchair for him online.

After seeing the price of buying a dog wheelchair online was 6000 INR (GBP £62.65), the couple designed their own using YouTube videos as a guide for a cost of only 500 INR (around GBP £5.22).

The couple stated "We are happy to see that he [Gunasekhar] is now wheeling his own effort and running using it.

"But they are proud that if they do what we owe them at this time, they will save us more than children. Kannan said that humanity is important to us if those around us see us. But a few civilians applauded their humanities."