Kimmel Mocks Last Time Republicans Took Control of the House: ‘They Were Hitting Police With Flagpoles and Pooping in It’ (Video)

One day after the midterm elections, it appears that the “red wave” pundits predicted may not be as big or immediate as many suspected. Of course, late night host Jimmy Kimmel remembers the last time Republicans took over the House of Representatives — on Jan. 6.

In honor of election night on Tuesday, Kimmel kept his show live, bringing audiences real-time updates on key races. The host even joked that his entire studio audience was actually made up of children fathered by Herschel Walker. “Wait ’til he meets you guys! Daddy’s gonna love you,” Kimmel joked. Even his trusty sidekick Guillermo celebrated the occasion, wearing a suit that appeared to be made almost entirely from “I Voted” stickers.

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Obviously, Kimmel couldn’t avoid discussing the predictions of how things were going to go in the midterms, particularly for Democrats.

“Republicans were expecting a big night, expecting to win control of the House,” Kimmel said. “You know, last time Republicans took control of the House, they were hitting police with flagpoles and pooping in it.”

The late night host was, of course, referring to the rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, hoping to stop the certification of Joe Biden as president, inspired by lies by twice impeached former president Donald Trump that the election had been rigged and stolen.

That said, Kimmel wasn’t overly confident that election night and the days following would run totally smoothly, especially given the astrological phenomenon that occurred to kick off the day.

“Not only is there an election tonight – at midnight, we also saw what scientists say will be the last lunar eclipse until 2025. A blood moon,” Kimmel explained. “And I don’t know much about the ancient Mayans, but I’m pretty sure a blood moon on election night means everything’s totally fine, right?”

You can watch Kimmel’s full election night monologue in the video above.

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