Kimmel Jokes Golden Globes Are as White as the GOP: ’96-Member Organization Has 6 Black Members’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel watched the Golden Globes on Tuesday, but as he noted in his monologue Wednesday night, he was one of the few. The ratings were some of the lowest the show has ever had.

Kimmel basically attributed that to the racism scandal that rocked the Hollywood Foreign Press association in 2021 and led to the 2022 ceremony being held as a private event. The HFPA has since made some reforms but, as Kimmel also noted, these reforms are fairly tepid considering the problem. So much so that, in Kimmel’s view, the HPFP is barely better than the Republican Party.

The lead up to the segment was a set of jokes about the brutal winter rainstorms that have soaked Southern California over the last week. After noting the sinkholes appearing on highways in the LA area, he noted, “The Golden Globes fell into a sinkhole last night.”

“They had their lowest ratings ever,” Kimmel cracked. “And they kind of deserve it. You know – they found out the year before last, they had no Black members – zero. Now their 96-member organization has six black members.”

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Kimmel added, “Which – let’s put it this way – Republicans in the House of Representatives have five black members, okay. So, this is not exactly the “It’s a Small World” ride now.”

For those of you keeping score, yes, there are five Black Republicans currently in office, the most since 1877.

Continuing his roasting of the Globes, Kimmel said, “The Golden Globes are special though, because it’s the only awards show where you can be nominated for best musical or comedy, even if your movie doesn’t have music or comedy in it.”

Kimmel also noted that several of the show’s winners didn’t even bother showing up. “Including Zendaya, who said she was working, and Amanda Seyfried who is so small they were afraid she’d be washed away by the rain so they kept her at home.”

“Kevin Costner, who won best dramatic actor for ‘Yellowstone,” sent his regrets. He was stuck in Santa Barbara because of flooding, which, wasn’t he in Waterworld?” Kimmel joked.

You can watch the entire monologue at the top of the screen right now.

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