Kimmel Gets Roasted by Peyton and Eli Manning During Monologue: ‘Pretend Like You’re a Winner’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel broke up his Monday night monologue on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with a delightful cameo appearance by Peyton and Eli Manning, who parodied the vibe of their show “Manningcast” by offering some brutal, real-time commentary on Kimmel’s jokes.

The bit came a little over two minutes into the monologue when Kimmel informed the audience that the Manning brothers would be doing a special version of “Manningcast” throughout the episode.

“Jimmy, don’t let us throw you off, you do your thing tonight, alright, show your clips, make your little jokes, just play your game, don’t mind us at all,” Peyton said.

“We’ll be sitting here silently, just like the studio audience,” Eli added.

Then Kimmel moved on to a bit about the current winter storm drenching Southern California with huge amounts of rain. But when he got to the set up of a punch line, the Manning brothers barged in to ruin the joke.

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“This cold front is so big,” Kimmel started to say.

“Here we go Peyton, here we go! Looks like Kimmel’s dropping back, he’s gonna make an analogy,” Eli exclaimed.

“Yeah he really needs to thread the needle here. With this kind of setup, it’s tough to pull out a punch line that’s gonna get the kind of laughs that Jimmy’s looking for,” Peyton said.

“Especially with a boring topic like the weather,” Eli responded, while Kimmel looked exasperated. “But you know what? He has been doing this almost 20 years.”

“Yeah, c’mon Jimmy, don’t blow this,” Peyton said.

“Yeah let’s go, pretend like you’re a winner,” Eli added.

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At this point, Kimmel interrupted to complain that the commentary was throwing him off.

“Wow, wow, wow, Eli, now this is something you don’t see a lot, OK? We got a veteran monologuer, rattled by a little bit of pressure,” Peyton commented.

“Yeah it’s really obvious that Kimmel is really just off his game tonight,” Eli said.

“Can I please just finish my ‘cold front is so big’ joke?” Kimmel asked.

The Manning brothers then backed off and told Kimmel not to mind them — at which point Kimmel got to the punch line: “This cold front is bigger and wider than Peyton Manning’s forehead.”

At this point, Peyton leaned in. “Yeah let’s just lower your audio here.”

Kimmel loudly protested, but Peyton managed to turn down his volume so he and Eli could continue to roast him without being disturbed. This included a joke about how Kimmel has been doing his job for 80 years – which, when pushed, they corrected to 85, explaining they rounded down so Kimmel could feel younger.

Then the Mannings were joined by Kimmel’s sidekick, Guillermo. The whole thing is a lot of fun, and you can watch it in the video above.

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