Kim Kardashian Reveals She Got a Secret Tattoo After ‘SNL’ Gig

REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Kim Kardashian once told Wendy Williams that she would never get a tattoo because you wouldn’t put “a bumper sticker on a Bentley.” But that vow apparently went out the door after her much-praised appearance hosting SNL in 2021, an occasion she marked with her first permanent ink—a tattoo of an infinity symbol on the inside of her lip, the reality star revealed on the latest episode of The Kardashians. “The night of SNL, when I hosted SNL, me and all my friends got matching tattoos and everyone got them on their hands and I was like, ‘There’s not a shot I will get a tattoo,’” Kardashian said on the episode. But she ultimately decided on the unlikely spot. “No one knows, no one sees it, I forget, but every once in a while I’ll be flossing my teeth and I’ll see black and go, ‘Ah!’”

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