Kim Kardashian Pays Off Legal Fees for More Than 50 Moms on Mother’s Day (Video)

Kim Kardashian and Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin teamed up to pay off legal fees for more than 50 mothers for Mother’s Day, Reform Alliance announced on Monday. Rubin is a co-chair of the nonprofit criminal-justice organization.

Kardashian shared a video to social media on Monday, explaining in the caption how the “broken” fee system works: “Thousands of mothers are stuck on probation or parole just because they can’t afford to pay off their restitution, fines, and fees. While on probation they are at constant risk of being returned to prison or jail – not for committing a new crime, but for technical violations like missing a meeting with their probation officer.”

She added that paying off these fees will “give these women the second chance they’ve earned.”

The Skims founder and reality TV star has taken up several prison reform issues before and in 2020 successfully interceded with President Trump to grant clemency to Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old grandmother and prison reform advocate.

In a media release, Kardashian, who is working her way toward a law degree, stated, “It’s hard to fathom what these mothers have to go through. All they want is the chance to rebuild their lives, and yet our system keeps them stuck in an endless cycle of supervision. I want to do my part to give these women the second chance they’ve earned. I urge lawmakers and advocates across the country to work toward changing outdated laws that keep too many people unnecessarily behind bars. I will continue to bring awareness to these important issues until there is change.”

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