Kim Kardashian and North West dressed up as ‘Clueless’—and they totally win Halloween

The “Clueless” homage costumes are back! Last year Donald Faison and his daughter dressed up as Murray and Dionne from the beloved film and completely kicked it out of the park.

But this year Kim Kardashian and North West definitely won Halloween with their “Clueless” Halloween costumes. Kim posted a carousel of photos on Instagram that captured the mother-daughter duo in different iconic poses.

Kim Kardashian channels the star of the movie—Cher. From the blonde hair to the yellow outfit, it’s all there and she looks as fabulous as she always does. But wait until you see North West!

From the facial expressions to the way she CARRIES that outfit, North West makes a statement. They even posed with a white jeep (because of course they did). The commitment is real and they go all the way with these Halloween costumes.

The Kardashians are not known for half-measures when it comes to the holidays. Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas, from their house decor to their personal style everything fits the season to a T. Kim recently shared a video of her house all dressed up for Halloween and it is wild. There are skulls everywhere!