Kim Jang-hoon's panic attack

Kim Jang-hoon's panic attack

20 Oct – It was reported that singer Kim Jang-hoon was hospitalised yesterday after he suffered from a panic attack early Monday morning, as reported by dkpopnews website.

According to Kim's management company, "On Monday, Kim Jang-hoon complained of heart palpitations and said that he couldn't breathe properly so we cancelled all of his scheduled events and took him to the hospital."

The 44 year-old singer has cancelled all upcoming shows in order to undergo treatment at a hospital in Ichon-dong, central Seoul. This includes his appearance at events related to Dokdo Day on 25 October.

The company added that the hospital has confirmed that the singer suffered a panic attack and said he was advised by doctors to stay at the hospital for at least a week.

Earlier this week, Kim has revealed to the media that he has suffered from an anxiety disorder since he was a child. A patient with an anxiety disorder can suffer from recurring panic attacks.

Kim is a rock-ballad singer well-known for award-winning love of giving charity. He is known as the "donation angel" all through South Korea and also has been active in campaigning for the controversial island of Dokdo.