Kim Jang-hoon writes about MC Mong

Kim Jang-hoon writes about MC Mong

12 Jan – Singer Kim Jang-hoon revealed that he sent MC Mong off on vacation to the United States due to concerns over the rapper's well-being.

According to HanCinema website, the singer who was earlier hospitalised for panic attack before, wrote on his Minihompy, "After writing a post for a special young fan who left this earth for heaven much too early, I began thinking about the gravity of death and am adding another post."

"I sent MC Mong with his close friend on vacation to the States. It was because I was afraid he would die. He couldn't go out anywhere and was stuck in his house and his studio for a year. Everywhere he went people kept shooting arrows of criticism at him, and he must have felt like he wasn't even living at all. I could see symptoms of depression and a panic disorder in him. Of course, it would be weird if he didn't have that. Since he's been living on the edge and he's been through so many hardships, I suddenly got scared for him and sent him off on vacation."

Kim Jang-hoon later described his personal thoughts about MC Mong,, "I think that celebrities are often measured on a different scale from others. Rather than worry about the law, we need to first consider the public opinion. Even if a celebrity is found guilty by law, he could still return to the spotlight. On the other hand, even if the law finds the celebrity innocent, if the public still thinks he is guilty, then he remains guilty. If you consider it that way, I understand why there are harsh critics out there, and I believe that in the end the public is quite level-headed and accurate."

"MC Mong has probably been very confused about the difference between the law and the public opinion. He must've wanted to point out to everyone that the law found him innocent. At the same time, to please the public, he probably thought that he should go serve in the military. Even though he was not guilty, he still was unable to enlist due to reasons unrelated to the law. I think that he understood those who criticised him and felt like he was in the wrong. We searched together for methods for him to still serve in the military after his name was cleared, but there were none. We're still looking for some loopholes right now."

"Some people have seen me taking care of MC Mong and have been asking me since when have we been so close. Honestly, before this situation arose, Mong and I haven't really hung out together. I saw him a long time ago during his Mnet days and once he started to rise to fame I felt like his personality changed a bit. That's why I didn't really care too much for him, and I was a bit indifferent towards him. One day a friend told me about Mong. I heard that Mong takes very good care of those around him, especially his close friends and family. He doesn't have much money because he unselfishly uses it for others. Personally, I also love to take care of those who believe in me, and I believe that it's the most important thing in life. When I heard that Mong was also like this, I was very surprised, but was very pleased. Even though I'm taking care of Mong, I don't think I can help him very much. The best I can do is by keeping him company."

He finished his post with, "They say that our country has the highest suicide rate. When I hear stories of celebrities committing suicide, I'm overwhelmed with emotions. I think that if only there was one person to stand by their side they probably wouldn't have taken their own life. We never know if there's someone in our lives who is desperately reaching out to us. Last year, I was knocked down by people and I had a relapse in my panic disorder and in depression. I figured out that I would have to see some people and avoid others so that I could overcome their hate. I'm sure that some people will criticise me for this post, but I will just have to accept it."

Kim Jang-hoon is currently staying in the States. It's been reported that MC Mong's health has been rapidly deteriorating due to depression issues.